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Does An Empty Stomach Expedite the Effects Of Mushrooms?

Yes. Before consuming magic mushrooms, it’s wise to stay away from food for a while. That way, your stomach can finish processing the food you ate previously and get ready to process the mushrooms when you eat them. Without food in your stomach, your digestive system won’t have to work as hard to break down the mystical structures that give these mushrooms their therapeutic properties.

Also, you can avoid the nauseous effects of a shroom trip by eating them in the form of shroom tea or a lemon tek, as these beverages are easier on the stomach. Furthermore, to keep their bodies in a fasting condition, some people find that consuming under 50 calories of a drink such as tea or kombucha) helps to lubricate their guts.

So, when taken on an empty stomach, the effects of magic mushrooms could be felt as quickly as 10-30 minutes. If you fast before you eat mushrooms, you will experience a “higher high” and the effects will kick in sooner.

How Long Does It Take Shrooms To Kick In On A Full Stomach?

Most people experience a one- to two-hour gap between when they take mushrooms and when they feel the effects. What you ate, how much of it you had, and how efficiently your gut works all play a role in these delays. 

It’s a typical dilemma whether or not you should eat before taking mushrooms. Be mindful that consuming a heavy meal before taking mushrooms may delay the onset of trip effects, encouraging further consumption. As we’ve discussed, taking many dosages of mushrooms at once can be dangerous, especially for those who aren’t used to psychedelic experiences.

Is It Safe To Buy Shrooms in Brantford?

At MagicApproach, we strive to give our customers the safest and best online shopping experience possible. We offer magic mushrooms of the highest quality and safety standards. When you shop with us, you can rest assured that the products you receive are from experienced growers who take great care to ensure their quality and consistency. Our Brantford-wide customer base is a testimony of our commitment to providing only the highest quality products and services, always delivered quickly and discreetly. 

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