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Dried Psilocybin Mushrooms:

Raw shrooms don’t seem to have the nicest taste, and you may not enjoy them when you try them. But you can grind them and sprinkle them on your favorite meal.

If you want to consume dried psilocybin mushrooms, be mindful that the effects you experience may vary not just from one strain to another but also from one batch to another.


We have delicious candies and chocolates available, but remember to take it easy on yourself first. If you’re just looking to munch, steer clear of anything containing psilocybin.

MagicApproach edibles are perfect for both new and experienced users thanks to the preciseness used in their production. Microdosing or preparing for a more noticeable and prolonged trip are both possible with edibles.


Microdosing mushrooms is a good way to experience their benefits without risking a psychedelic high.

Controlled low-dose psilocybin has proven beneficial for those who want sub-perceptible levels while reaping the benefits of enhanced productivity, improved perspective, higher mood, focus, and creativity.

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