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Psilocybin mushrooms, or “magic mushrooms,” are fungi containing the psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin. These psychedelic substances found in nature can alter one’s state of consciousness.

While the history of psilocybin mushroom consumption spans many centuries, today, they are mainly used recreationally or for introspection. Since it is normal to feel some trepidation before consuming magic mushrooms (they are more potent than cannabis), it is wise to read up in advance.

Many people trust MagicApproach as their go-to shop for high-quality and pocket-friendly online magic mushroom store in Ottawa. So, lift your state of mind and soul with our premium psilocybin products, including dried mushrooms, microdose capsules, edible mushrooms, and psilocybin-infused teas and beverages.

Seamless Satisfaction: Buy Edible Mushrooms in Ottawa

We offer a single destination for Ottawa seeking to purchase psychedelic mushrooms online, all while upholding the highest standards of quality.

Get Premium-Quality Magic Mushrooms in Ottawa

The potency, appearance, and effects of magical mushroom strains range widely. Popular varieties available of shrooms in Ottawa include the following:

  • Golden Teacher is a great choice for first-timers as it imparts a balanced high that boosts creativity and spiritual experiences.
  • The hallucinations caused by the Amazonian Cubensis strain are both intense and vivid.
  • Experienced users looking for a more profound psychedelic trip often choose Penis Envy because of its reputation as a powerful strain.

Remember to try some of our delicious shroom chocolates or gummies if you have a sweet tooth. Our magic mushroom store in Ottawa hosts a wide selection of mushrooms to suit any taste.

How does MagicApproach deliver shrooms in Ottawa?

MagicApproach mushroom dispensary ensures the privacy and safety of its customers by shipping magic mushroom items securely and discretely. To ensure the product retains its high quality throughout shipping, it is vacuum-sealed and placed in a discrete envelope or box.

The time it takes for an order to be delivered could be affected by the location to which it is being sent and the preferred shipping method selected during checkout. Ideally, MagicApproach will ship the package within 24-48 hours of the order and payment processing. Delivery time can range anywhere from a few days to a week.

Magicapproach’s Recommended Dosages for Magic Mushrooms

MagicApproach’s shroom products come with an advised dosage.

  • Microdosing, or starting with a very low dose (1-1.5 grams) unlikely to provide severe psychoactive effects, is recommended for first-time users of magic mushrooms.
  • A dose of 3-4 grams of dry magic mushrooms is recommended for more experienced users desiring a stronger psychedelic trip.

Pro Tip: Every individual’s response to mushrooms is diverse. Therefore, the dose may have to be altered. Optimal dosing can also be affected by characteristics, including a person’s weight, tolerance level, and prior psychedelic experience.

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