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Alberta is an equally stunning tourist destination as British Columbia. The spectacular vistas of Canada’s fourth-largest province include Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff, Rocky Mountains, and the Dinosaur Provincial Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Also, if you enjoy attending festivals, concerts, and shopping, Calgary and Edmonton are must-visit places.

These locations are great for exploring the next time you are on a trip with magic mushrooms.

Alberta (AB) is a fantastic travel destination if you’re a fan of the great outdoors. It becomes very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer in Alberta. So bring some of the high-quality magic mushrooms in Alberta from our online magic mushroom dispensary with you on your hike. Our magic mushrooms will give you a newfound appreciation for nature.

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  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Grape Gummy (4000mg)

  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Grape Gummy (6000mg)

  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Milk Chocolate (3000mg)

  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Milk Chocolate (6000mg)

  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Orange Gummy (1000mg)

  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Orange Gummy (4000mg)

  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Orange Gummy (6000mg)

  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Red Cherry (4000mg)

  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Red Cherry Gummy (1000mg)

  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Red Cherry Gummy (6000mg)

  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Strawberry Swirl (1200mg)

  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Strawberry Swirl (3000mg)

  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Strawberry Swirl (6000mg)

  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Watermelon (4000mg)

  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Watermelon Gummy (1000mg)


Order Magic Mushrooms Online In Alberta From MagicApproach

Buying psychedelic mushrooms in Alberta from MagicApproach is a quick, convenient, and safe option. Psilocybin ordered from MagicApproach is delivered straight to your front door. It’s swift and discreet since neither the packages nor their contents can be traced.

When using MagicApproach in Alberta, you can rest easy knowing that you will be protected from any harm due to the high-quality standards we uphold and the unpredictability of the hunt itself. MagicApproach seeks a dependable relationship with you. Please know that we take your faith in us seriously and will never let you down.

MagicApproach has the widest selection of psychedelics derived from plants. In addition to dried mushrooms, you can buy psilocybin in the form of tinctures, edibles, shroom drinks, and microdoses.


Results are directly proportional to the quality of the ingredients used. Our chocolate shrooms and other chocolate-based edibles, as well as our psilocybin, are of the finest quality. Using edibles for dosing is both discreet and appetizing.


Microdose has some positive health effects as well. You will feel a surge in energy, memory, and concentration. In addition to helping with things like depression, PTSD, anxiety, and inflammation, these products should have you covered from head to toe.

Dried Shrooms

The Blue Meanie Mushroom:

The Panaeolus cyanescens strain, to use its scientific name, is more powerful than regular Psilocybe cubensis. Blue Meanie, the more popular name, comes from the Beatles’ animated film Yellow Submarine.

These mushrooms bruise easily and can turn blue. The fungi’s precise origins are unknown, although most experts agree they were first discovered in Asia. Because of its tall, slender form, this kind grows well in warm, tropical climates where it can grow.

Amazonian Cubensis:

This Amazonian strain is highly sought after and widely available; it has a solid reputation for providing a pure, genuine psychedelic experience. We also stock psilocybe cubensis (the golden teacher mushroom) and panaeolus cyanescens (the blue meanie).

High Quality Psychedelic Mushrooms In Alberta

Alberta is a great place to seek and experience the full effects of psilocybin-containing hallucinogenic fungi. You can find these trippy specimens in several places online and in person, but you won’t find a better deal or superior quality than at MagicApproach.

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