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EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Red Cherry Gummy 4000mg

Looking to add some extra fun to your day? Look no further than our Euphoria psychedelics red cherry gummies 4000mg!

These sugar-coated blocks are your ticket to adventure. With our perfect infusion of psilocybin mushrooms, you’re bound to experience the ultimate journey of euphoria.

We have mastered the art of making mushrooms taste amazing so that you can enjoy every bite of these delicious gummies. Each block of Euphoria psychedelics red cherry gummy 4000mg contains a whopping 2000mg of psilocybin mushrooms, delivering a powerful punch with evident effects.

So, get ready to witness clouds morphing into funny shapes, feel the softness of fabrics like never before, and make friends with everyone you meet.

Dosage Guide

4000MG full bag | 2 blocks x 2000MG | 250MG x 8- Start low & go slow to control your level of euphoria: 

  • Micro Dose = 100-500mg | Mellow vibes expect no hallucinations
  • Mini Dose = 1000-2000mg | Immaculate vibes expect mild visuals
  • Macro Dose = 3000-5000mg | Iconic vibes expect visuals & hallucinations


We advise you to wait 30-60 minutes to find your tolerance level. It would be advisable not to engage in any important meetings or complex tasks if you have taken anything more than a microdose.

Remember to eat, keep yourself hydrated, and have someone nearby to offer support if needed.

Prominent Benefits of Psilocybin Mushrooms

  • Pleasing mood and mental clarity
  • Enhanced concentration, memory, and creativeness
  • Alleviate signs of depression, anxiety, and other such conditions.

Ingredients: Glucose, gelatin, pectin, sugar, fruit juice, citric acid, artificial flavouring & colouring, psilocybin mushrooms

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place out of reach from children and pets.

1 review for EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Red Cherry (4000mg)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Edward K. Walls

    These gummies are truly impressive! They effectively reduce my daytime anxiety and enhance my focus to some extent. They have a pleasant flavor and work gradually, so I don’t even notice their effects until they’ve already kicked in.

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