WONDER – Cookies ‘N Creme Psilocybin Chocolate Bar (6g)


250mg Psilocybin Per Square

24 Squares Per Package

6000mg Psilocybin Per Package

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WONDER – Cookies ‘N Cream Psilocybin Chocolate Bar (6g)

Are you willing to include psilocybin in your lifestyle for all-encompassing wellness?

Perhaps you want to regularly microdose to enjoy the perks of a better mood, reduced anxiety, and enhanced creativity. Maybe you want to add a museum dose to your next intellectual discussion with pals to elevate it to an entirely higher plane.

Or perhaps you want to take a megadose and use it to rewire your self-worth and perception. Wonder cookies & creme 6g psilocybin chocolate bar has you covered regardless of your motivation.

Consume six pieces of the chocolate bars for a moderate dosage; you can increase the amount by three pieces every ninety minutes until you obtain the intended effects. If you want to consume a mega dose, make arrangements for a reliable sitter to be there while you eat 18 pieces of the bar, adding three pieces every 90 minutes until you get the effects you want.

So, buy Wonder cookies & creme 6g psilocybin chocolate bar now and enjoy it with your friends to have a euphoric trip. 

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  1. 5 out of 5


    This chocolate bar is a real favorite of mine. It offers fantastic potency for the price. Just one square can work wonders in stabilizing moods and bringing joy.

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