EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS -Milk Chocolate (1200mg)


100mg Psilocybin Per Square

12 Squares Per Bar

1200mg Psilocybin Per Bar


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EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS -Milk Chocolate 1200mg

Craving a shroom bar that tastes nothing short of magic? Our Euphoria Psychedelics bars are just what you need. The silky feel and exquisite flavor of the Euphoria Psychedelics Milk Chocolate Bar 1200mg will make you feel like dancing in the streets. The infusion of psilocybin mushrooms in our chocolates makes them an entirely new delicacy. Even the mushrooms themselves carry an unforgettable taste *chef’s kiss*.

The Euphoria Psychedelics Milk Chocolate, 1200mg Bars, is ideal for beginners who want to relax for a while, take pleasure in the chirping of birds, and forget about life’s little annoyances.

Dosage Guide

1200MG full bar | 100MG x 12 pieces Start with a low dose and slowly increase it to control the intensity of your trip: 

  • Micro Dose = 100-500mg | Overall vibes are mellow with no hallucinations
  • Mini Dose = 1000-2000mg | Overall vibes are immaculate with mild visuals


We recommend you wait 30-60 minutes to identify your tolerance level. Eat something and stay hydrated while consuming mushrooms to enhance absorption and get the most from the dose. 

Prominent Benefits of Psilocybin Mushrooms

  • Better mood and mental clarity
  • Enhanced concentration and creativity levels
  • Alleviate signs of depression, anxiety, and other such conditions.

Ingredients: High-quality milk chocolate, soy lecithin & psilocybin mushrooms

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place out of reach from children and pets.

1 review for EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS -Milk Chocolate (1200mg)

  1. 5 out of 5

    William Bernal

    I’m absolutely hooked on this shroom-infused chocolate! These delightful treats bring a touch of magic and relaxation to every bite.

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