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As the premier online supplier of high-quality magic mushrooms in Calgary, we take great pride in our standing among customers. So, if you’re looking to buy magic mushrooms in Calgary, you should definitely explore our products.

We cultivate our mushrooms in the most ideal conditions in locally sourced regions across Canada. Our online store has a wide selection of magic mushroom products to ensure we meet all of our customers’ needs. We have the best product on the market for anyone interested in trying mushrooms for the first time or exploring more about them. But it can be challenging to buy mushrooms online.

So, we’ve made the purchasing process seamless to help you acquire and appreciate psychedelic mushrooms without trouble. We provide hassle-free purchasing by allowing a variety of convenient payment options. Your initial purchase from The MagicApproach dispensary will go off without a hitch.

Safe and Simple: Buy Microdosing Mushrooms in Calgary

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  • DAMES – Psilocybin Gummies (1500mg)

  • DAMES – Psilocybin Gummies (3000mg)


  • DREAMSTATE – 75mg Micro Dose Capsules


  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Blue Raspberry Gummy (1000mg)

  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Blue Raspberry Gummy (4000mg)

  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Blue Raspberry Gummy (6000mg)

  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Cookies and Cream (1200mg)

  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Cookies and Cream (3000mg)

  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Cookies and Cream (6000mg)

  • EUPHORIA PSYCHEDELICS – Grape Gummy (1000mg)


How Can You Buy Magic Mushroom Products in Calgary, Canada?

Buying magic mushrooms in Calgary has never been easier than it is right now, thanks to our MagicApproach online store. A broad selection of mushrooms is available at our magic mushroom dispensary in Calgary. The raw and dried varieties of shrooms are the most widely available.

Explore the listed products, check the descriptions, and pick the mushroom or shroom product that suits your needs and preferences. After reviewing your order information, proceed to payment by selecting the e-Transfer option provided by your bank. For your privacy, we offer discreet shrooms Calgary delivery options.

Why Should You Buy Shrooms in Calgary Online from MagicApproach?

At MagicApproach, we simplify the process and save you the trouble of doing everything on your own. Providing you with excellent service is our top priority. We guarantee satisfaction with our products and will do our utmost to meet your requirements. We ship our Magic Mushrooms in Calgary and all around Canada to customers with either residential or post office box addresses.

Pro Tip: Customer reviews are available for each product. So before making a final decision, we recommend reading verified customer feedback & reviews and benefit from past customers’ experiences.

How to Store Mushrooms to Maintain Potency and Freshness?

The potency and freshness of magic mushrooms can be preserved by following certain preservation guidelines.

  • Because heat and moisture can damage psilocybin, keeping your shrooms in a cold, dry, dark space is vital.
  • Protect the product from air and moisture by storing it in airtight containers or vacuum-sealed bags. When storing the mushroom for an extended period, it is recommended that you either refrigerate or freeze it.
  • Keep all shroom products in a secure location, out of the reach of kids, pets, and visitors, to ensure safety and responsible consumption.
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